How do I get to the gallery?

We are located at 110 4th St, just off of Charlottesville's Downtown Mall, by O'Suzannah. We are conveniently located near a cigar shop, a deli, Daedalus Books (our favorite used book store), a Five Guys, a gelato shop, two nice record shops, and several bars. The location is so nice that we've briefly considered trying to live in the back office. 

You can usually find good street parking within a couple of blocks, or you can park in the Market Street Parking Garage. 

When do new shows open?

We open shows throughout the year - please check our Facebook page for the latest events. 

Can I show at your gallery? 

We always welcome submissions and will contact you if we feel you are a good fit for an upcoming show. Please visit our Artist Submission Guidelines page for more information.

Would you be interested in selling my (zines/prints/other cool things)?

We're always on the lookout for new zines, prints, books, and other things that fit into our view for Telegraph. Please shoot us an email at info@telegraphgallery.com and we'll give it a look. 

Who prints your posters?

Our Telegraph exclusives are printed by Industry Print Shop in Austin, TX, unless otherwise noted. We also carry a number of screen printed posters from other artists that are not produced by Telegraph, and these are printed by a variety of sources, from other shops to the artists themselves. If you'd like to know who printed a specific poster, feel free to ask.